After Alexandria Loses It On Live TV, Her Own Party Blindsides Her..

Top Democrats are fed up – and this rising star is in deep trouble.

The Democrats have a big problem. No, we’re not talking about Donald Trump—the man who might destroy the party completely.

Another figure is looking to destroy the party from the inside.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—the lady with the obnoxiously long name—is taking attention away from the old guard.

She’s young, media-savvy, and super left-wing. Also, she’s as dumb as the millennials she caters to.

And it looks like the old guard is already fed up with her.

From Patheos:

According to a report in The Hill, newly-seated New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been rubbing many of her Democrat colleagues the wrong way since taking up her new position earlier this month.

It’s to the point that there are whispers of having the New York delegation reach out to potential primary challengers for Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx or Queens.

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Wow. AOC has only been in office for, what, less than a month? Already her party is turning on her.

That’s a new record!

The last time Democrat voters elected a candidate that was all talk, no substance—we got President Obama!

I guess sitting Democrats are tired of that shtick. Especially when her radical programs would bankrupt the country.

There are many House Democrats from conservative states just barely holding on by their fingernails. If the party lurches towards Marxist programs like AOC’s “Green New Deal,” or her $32 trillion health program, they’ll lose their seats.

The welfare leeches in New York might like AOC’s terrible ideas. But the people in the South and Midwest—who will be paying for them—do not.

It’s no surprise that this empty-headed, foolish, completely out-of-her-depth Democrat is being challenged by her own party.

Ocasio-Cortez conned her way into getting the nomination, by promising to abolish ICE. An idea that would never happen.

But it worked in getting Hispanic New Yorkers to vote for her. Hmm… perhaps there were more than a few of them that were “undocumented.”

In D.C., she has nothing. No experience. No credibility. And no allies.

Come 2020—she might be sabotaged by her own party!

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